Featured Feature: MLS Integration

Our 'featured feature' blog series continues with one of the more unique and advanced features of Real Estate Ally: MLS integration.

The top pain point felt by many brokers and agents is having to double-enter listing information in both (or all) of their MLS's PLUS their brokerage's back-end office. Double-entering is a slippery slope: outdated information and human error are some of the risks brokerages face.

The extent of most brokerages' capabilities is pulling down data from the MLS to run reporting on market data, or if they have the technology, they can input listings on the MLS and feed them into their back office system.

With Real Estate Ally, the agony of double-entering is gone. Using the Real Estate Ally platform opens up an easy 2-way connection between brokerages' back-end office and the MLS, allowing for consistent, accurate and up-to-date information. 

What about brokerages that don't have a back-end office?

Real Estate Ally also acts as a platform for brokerages to integrate all segments of their business into one place. MLS listings, transactions, customers - are finally united, allowing brokerages to not only better organize the business but make insightful decisions with Real Estate Ally's analytics feature. Read more about analytic capabilities here: Featured Feature: Analytics.

Brokerages that DO have a back-end office might be asking, will we be starting from square one if we move over to Real Estate Ally for MLS integration? The answer is no! Brokerages can also upload past MLS data, or transfer their existing back-end office into the Real Estate Ally platform.

CRMLS' Big Announcement

The country's biggest MLS recently announced it will finally be moving towards allowing brokerages to upload listings from their own system directly to the MLS. CRMLS will be working with RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization), a non-profit that works towards standardizing real estate data so direct uploads can be possible. Unfortunately this change will not happen overnight, and still leaves challenges for smaller brokerages. In an article from Inman News, RESO executive director, Bob Gottesman stated: "Implementing [the] update, is not for the faint of heart...technologically speaking, any firm can do it as long as they have the know-how...obviously it's the bigger brokers that have the techncical chops. But you could have a smaller broker that has a really sharp vendor that knows how to do it." 

We are excited for the CRMLS to make this transition, and anticipate other MLS's to follow suit. We are equally excited for our ability to help smaller brokerages that will need the technological solutions to implement it! You can read the rest of the Inman article here.

Interested in seeing analytics on your brokerage?

Coming soon - we will be providing FREE analytics for brokerages. With a data snapshot, see how your firm is performing re: days on market, pricing efficiency, cash flows and more. Contact us to be on the list!


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Our New Favorite Apps For Real Estate

Fresh from the Xplode Conference - one of the best conferences for real estate technology - we have a handful of new real estate apps we're really excited about!

Evernotehero evernote

Evernote is like Pinterest meets personal organizer. Save all of your notes, interesting articles, photos of things you want to remember, all in one place. While not created specifically for real estate, there are plenty of ways it can be a useful tool for busy real estate professionals. Agents can snap a photo of business cards and receipts to make some quick notes about a business lunch.


NextDoor is a private social network for neighborhoods. It acts in a similar way as nextdoorFacebook but only includes verified residents in a specific neighborhood, creating a secure, private network for you and your neighbors. Their philosophy is to build a stronger sense of community through the power of technology. This could be helpful for agents looking for new ways to connect with their own communities. NextDoor is available in many areas but might not have been started yet. Start one in your neighborhood or better yet - find out if one has started in the neighborhoods of your listings and add it as a selling point.


Losing a key to a property could be detrimental and costly - until now! Keyme is an app that creates digital copies of your keys and allows keymeyou to get copies made through several options - on-site delivery, locksmith, mail-order, or a local self-service key cutting station. Users can even share keys with friends, family or clients. Everyone here at Real Estate Ally already has all their keys backed up on their digital keychains!


shakeIn their own words "We strive to combine the simplicity, convenience, and collaborative spirit of a handshake with the protection of a legal agreement." Amen. Shake enables the creation and signature of legal documents all from your smartphone. Including but not limited to: freelance, buy/sell, rent/lend, loan and confidentiality agreements. This can be a useful app for agents or brokers that need to create custom documents fast from the field.


 What are some of your favorites?

We want to hear from you! What apps are you using that are helping you in your day to day? Let us know at: [email protected] or tweet us @R_E_Ally


 Real Estate Ally's mission is to empower Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Owners to take better control of their businesses and manage for improved results through a unified and convenient cloud-based business intelligence solution. Learn more about how Real Estate Ally can revolutionize your business here!

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We're Moving!

After being headquartered in Monterey, CA for over a year we have recognized the need to be closer to where the action is. So we're movin' on up to the Golden City - San Francisco! And this monumental move wouldn't be fit without - you guessed it - an infographic! Here we pulled together some interesting real estate facts for the great City by the Bay. Enjoy!


Are you a real estate professional who's tired of spending time making all of your management systems try to work together? Contact us and find out how the Real Estate Ally platform can help you!


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How to Succeed as a Digital Real Estate Agent Without Really Trying

This article was first featured on Digitial Marketing Direction - see their blog and the original post here.

It is truly amazing to see how much the world of real estate has transformed in the past decade. Modes of communication have doubled on themselves. You don't just pick up the phone now, but answer e-mails, post photos, retweet tweets, pin items, link up and then blog about it. How does a real estate agent manage all this and - oh yeah - sell houses too? Getting connected online can be a floundering experience, leaving an agent feeling like they're drowning in the ocean of interwebs. Here are some key tips we've found to be most helpful for our users: 


1. Understand your marketing goals

Take a few minutes to think about what you're trying to achieve with your online presence. Are you looking to increase leads? Organize your business? Or do you want to find new ways to connect with your current network? Whatever your goals might be, make them clear for yourself and set small milestones, say 5 leads each week, so it doesn't seem so overwhelming! marketing-goals-300x218.jpg

2. Focus

Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter...it's easy to get sucked into creating profiles on every social media outlet. For the sake of time (and sanity), you're better off picking one or two outlets and being really good at keeping up with them vs. trying to be EVERYWHERE. What social media do your customers tend to use? Find out where they are and focus on building connections and a strong presence there.social_media.jpg

3: Attitude not Age! 

According to the NAR's 2013 Member Profile the median age of realtors is 57 years old. But age is just a number, and with the right attitude there's no reason any agent, regardless of age, can't jump right into the digital realm. Willingness to adapt, especially to modes of communication that your clients prefer, will be crucial to survival. Take for example, another recent study by Google and NAR, 68% of homebuyers used a mobile app during their home search and 89% used a mobile search engine throughout the search process.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.10.50 AM.png

4. Don't be afraid to try something new 

With so many choices for technology solutions it's hard to know where to get started. But who's to say you can't pull a goldilocks and try different options out until you find the one that's just right? Many apps and platforms offer free trials - allowing you to poke around and see what you like and don't like - and if its not working for you then move on. Being familiar with different online platforms allows you to keep a pulse on what's available and shows you're knowledgeable about where the industry is moving.

Tea Cup Graphic.jpg


Ok, so maybe you'll need to try a little...but increasing your online Real Estate presence doesn't have to be cumbersome or intimidating. Remember to specify your goals and pick the outlets that will best suit your customer base while complementing your current business.


Cristina is a marketing intern for Real Estate Ally. Real Estate Ally’s mission is to empower Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Owners to take better control of their businesses and manage for improved results through a unified and convenient cloud-based business management solution. Learn more about how Real Estate Ally here.


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New System Updates!

Integrated Create Functions Now Available!

We've been making a lot of changes lately! Most recently we have fully integrated the 'create' and 'edit' functions for creating listings! What does this mean for you?

  • From 10 clicks to 2! Save time when creating new listings. Previously, if a user was creating a new listing with a new customer the user was required to back out of the listing and create the customer in the customer screen first. Now the customer can be added right from the listing screen!
  • Current customer information is also now immediately editable! Real Estate Ally will even indicate how old information is so users can check and make updates without skipping a beat!

New Report Available!

  • Now agents and brokers can run reports to highlight residential properties in different price ranges.

Find a bug? Have a suggestion?

We've added an easy feedback module so you can let us know.

ScreenHunter 242 Dec. 20 11.18

Something looks weird on your tablet? Your analytics aren't updating properly?

You just had a fantastic idea bout how to make scheduling open houses easier?

Any kind of feedback - Question, Comment, Complaint or Suggestion - can go in this box. We want to hear from you!

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Real Estate Ally’s mission is to empower Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Owners to take better control of their business and mange for improved results through a unified and convenient cloud-based solution.


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Featured Feature: Analytics

Today's post begins a new series we will be sharing - "Featured Feature" - where we will focus on one of the many unique offerings Real Estate Ally has, taking a deeper look into how it helps agents and brokers manage their businesses.

First up is Analytics and Reporting.

Simple Interface

Agents and brokers know they need to crunch the numbers to analyze important things like days on market, properties sold, etc - but often dread the process due to complicated or non-existent systems. Real Estate Ally's reporting tool is super easy to use allowing users to run reports in seconds. And since Real Estate Ally is a responsive website that means agents can run reports from their phone or tablet in the field - without even downloading an app.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.01.53 AM

Dynamic Insights

The interface may be simple but that doesn't mean it lacks substance. What's unique about Real Estate Ally is that it brings together all of the major platforms an agent or broker works with - CRM, MLS and transactions - allowing for reporting that could never be done in one easy step before. Now its super simple to not only identify the houses driving up days on market but immediately pull up the corresponding listings connected through interactive reporting links.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.57.53 AM

Or perhaps it was the other way around and there were houses that sold like hotcakes, but why? Click through the report to discover linkages between sellers and customers!

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.56.35 AM

Better Business Management

In today's world, real estate agents are looking more like entrepreneurs, managing their listings like their own business. With Real Estate Ally's reporting tool they gain a better understanding of their opportunities and weaknesses, allowing them to adapt and make changes quickly - a necessity in today's fast-paced and competitive market. 

Interested in trying Real Estate Ally for yourself? 

Picture 1


Cristina is a Marketing intern for the Real Estate Ally team. Real Estate Ally’s mission is to empower Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Owners to take better control of their businesses and manage for improved results through a unified and convenient cloud-based business intelligence solution. Learn more about how Real Estate Ally can revolutionize your business here!



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Customer Profile: Advantage Realty

advantage-logoAdvantage Realty is a small, independent brokerage located in Russell, KS. Over the past 12 years, they have overcome the difficulties of operating in an isolated rural market to employ 10 people, including 8 Realtors. They have created a lasting impact on their local community not only by providing an unrivaled level of professional service to their customers, but also through their activities to educate homeowners on the benefits of home upkeep, curb appeal and improvement.

Advantage was Real Estate Ally's very fist client and has been vital in helping us shape a product that provides concrete benefits to agents and brokers, even those working in challenging or unique markets.

Jeannine-Byers-LongJeannine Byers-Long, founder and managing broker of Advantage Realty, shares her thoughts on the struggles of independent brokerages, how Real Estate Ally has helped her create a thriving business, and what she hopes to accomplish for the future.

REAlly: What are some of the challenges you've faced with the growth of your agency?


The biggest challenge was tracking the business and its growth in terms of numbers: Contract-to-Close days, Days on Market, Average Commission, etc. You always have dollars in & out, but that's not a very accurate picture of how your business is doing. You need to be able to see the impact you're having on the market and how significant that impact is.

REAlly: When did you realize you needed that information? 


I think I always knew I would need it eventually but I didn't know how quickly. I had to get into owning my own brokerage, not just working at someone else's, to realize how much more information I was going to want.

Growth is awesome, but you have to know how you are growing and why if you want to be able to sustain it. Otherwise, you are just shooting from the hip and there are no guarantees. It very quickly became apparent that if we wanted to sustain any kind of growth what-so-ever, we were going to need a way to organize our business information. Otherwise, we were going to spend all of our time pulling and re-pulling files, and entering and reconfiguring information, every time we needed to know something, instead of actually having time to do anything with that information. 

As an active broker, or even just a managing broker like I am now, I don't have time to be tracking down information or doing all that data figuring, and I certainly don't have the budget to hire someone to do it for me full time, which is what it would take to stay on top of my business.

REAlly: How did you decide to fix this problem?


Initially, I relied on resources through my state association who directed me to several vendors, but none of them had what I was looking for. 

So then I went to the internet, but again I was only finding pieces and parts of what I needed. The options were also not cost-effective: I couldn't pay that much for the parts if they weren't even going to integrate together. 

So we initially decided to make our own. I decided, even a barebones database that was integrated would be better than pieces and parts of the picture that I would still have to spend time reconfiguring together. Once we decided we wanted to see the system taken to the next level, that database is of course what acted as the draft for Real Estate Ally. 

REAlly: What has Real Estate Ally helped you do better?


Well there are the obvious things; We can easily see our own days on market, average prices and commissions and identify "problems" within our company that might be leading to these.

But outside of the obvious, it has been a great tool in helping my agents plan their business. Since agents are independent contractors, it is just as important that each of them be tracking their individual "business" as it is for me to be tracking the brokerages progress. They don't necessarily think about doing that on their own though, and for the most part wouldn't track information like Listing Price vs. Selling Price or Contracts to Closing Ratios. When in the thick of it as an agent, you aren't thinking about any of that. You are worried about putting food on the table. By the time you notice something isn't going right and start to look into these things, its almost too late. 

But with Real Estate Ally, they can track those things on a daily basis. It makes it easy for them to get the important numbers so they can determine right away if a dip in their income is from a market event, or a slip in their listing practices, or a bad set of comps. They can identify those things quickly and focus on constantly improving themselves as agents and as Realtors.

REAlly: That's very interesting, because one of the most common frustrations we hear from brokers is that its impossible to get agents to commit to a system, and then, you know: Garbage In, Garbage Out.


Oh, that's absolutely an issue. But now that they understand that the system can do those things, and how it can help them, my agents have come to rely on it more and more. They actually have a tendency to treat it like a magic genie, and are really surprised when they find something it can't do yet. Its not just the basic listing exercises anymore; they use it for Comps, Rental Property Reports, Financial Planning. They see how the system is benefiting them now, and they see the possibilities, and how it could help them in ever aspect of their job. 

REAlly: What is your favorite feature?


I don't know if I have a favorite feature...But the one I use the most often is definitely being able to look at the Sales Log and the Pending Sales. Just from a cash flow basis this helps me get an idea of what is coming up, almost like accounts receivable in a more traditional business. Its huge to have the opportunity to be on the look out for any cash flow issues. 

REAlly: Alright, last question. What are your Goals for 2014?


Overall, for me as a broker and for the agency in general, one of my big goals moving forward is to streamline and clean-up our operations, our processes. We've worked very hard to make our processes efficient, but they still feel squishy to me, I still feel that there is a lot of paper that floats around, and a lot of "Who had this file?" and "Does anyone know if this has this gotten done yet?" Not that the paper will ever totally go away, but being SO reliant on paper is a liability. It slows everything down.

From a sales forecasting and financial planning standpoint, making those processes more efficient, more transparent, more streamlined would be a huge benefit, as well as saving a lot of time and reducing errors. I feel like Real Estate Ally is going to help us immensely in this area.

For my agency, we are located in a small rural market. The pie is only so big; there is only so much inventory or product for us to sell. After seeing us max out for several years in a row, we have to start looking at other ways to grow. What does our market need? What do our customers want? The new housing development we spearheaded, Advantage 1st Addition, is part of that solution by increasing inventory. Taking on projects like that take a lot of resources and effort, and is just another reason why being able to easily make sure our core activities are running well is so important. Its the only way we can have the time and energy to take one these growth projects that in the long-run will determine our continued success. 

Advantage Realty PROFILE


Company Size

In Business Since 2002

Total Customers: ~1400

Listings/Month: 10-15

Realtors: 7

Market Size

Population: ~7,000

$ Sales/Year: $8,000,000

Average Home Price: $85,000

Other Products Used:


Android Devices


Jeannine Byers-Long is the Founder and managing Broker of Advantge Realty in Russell, KS. She has served as the Zone 7 Vice President of the Kansas Associaition of Realtors for the past 5 years. She has served on the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Business Development Boards, and spearheaded the recent neighborhood revitalization plan. She consults with the city on housing issues and commercial district development.

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New Year Updates

To hit the new year off right, we've released a huge amount of updates for Real Estate Ally, and a few fixes as well. To see the full list click here, but the highlights are below: 

Customer History

Easily see a customer's past history with your company. What houses they've bought and sold, and what listings or sales they are currently involved with.

Outside Agency & FSBO

Now you can properly track listings you sell for FSBO's or Outside agencies, or sales that are made by Outside Agencies by selecting them from the agent dropdown.

Realtor Profiles

Now you can add a picture, bio, Realtor number and specialization to your Profile. In the future, this information will be used to create easy, one page websites for you customer to learn about you and search your listings.

Listing/Sales Search

Now handles "Nice IDs" so you can search by your L13-XXX or S13-XXX numbers.

Listings/Sales/Customers Quick Search

From Your Profile Screen, there are now three quick buttons to help you quickly narrow down your customers, listings or transactions.

Customers are Editable

Accidentally misspelled their name? No need to input the person all over again! Under a customer, you can now edit each persons' information.

Reports are Printable 

Reports can now be easily printed from your browser. When printing, all the collapsible headings will expand to display all information in the report so you only need to print each report once.

Pending Commission

You can now enter a flat fee or % commission for Pending Sales.

See All Tasks

Just click the "See All" link under the Tasks heading to see all your current and upcoming tasks. On this page you will see listings and sales with tasks. Click a listing heading to expand it to see what tasks have been completed, which are currently assigned, and which are coming up soon.

Coming Up Next: 

  • Calendar view that integrates with Google Calendar to show upcoming due dates, deadlines, and closings, and help you manage your showings, meetings and personal stuff around them.
  • New reports to manage your cash flow.
  • Search or Create Feature to make adding listings and sales more streamlined than ever.


We've added an easy feedback module so you can let us know. Maybe something looks weird on your tablet, or your analytics aren't updating properly, or you just had a fantastic idea bout how to make scheduling open houses easier. Any kind of feedback - Question, Comment, Complaint or Suggestion - can go in this box.

ScreenHunter 242 Dec. 20 11.18

We want to build a system that you want to use! Let us know what we can do better and we'll get on it.

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The Simple Mistake that is Killing Your Website Traffic

When is the last time you looked at your website?

Come on. Be honest. I don't just mean the front-page either. When is the last time you really clicked around and read through your site?

If your answer is "Ummmm...," or "I checked it when it was built!" or even "A few months ago," chances are good that your website is suffering from this simple to fix problem and it is killing your conversion rates!

Broken Links 

You know all the links on your site were working when it was built. You probably got a report showing there were working, or even meticulously clicked through them all yourself. So how can they be broken?

Sites like Google and Facebook give us the incorrect impression that websites and web content will always be where we first found it. The truth is that most content on the web moves around, A LOT, including the pages on your site! Now the positive is your website is always presenting a fresh, updated face to your customers. The negative is that, if you aren't being careful, you could have links on your site that point to nowhere!

Broken LinksThis is bad for two big reasons.

It is really confusing for customers on your site and makes your site look "unfinished". 

Its also puts a big ding in your search engine and online marketing scores. That means not only is it harder for customer to find you online, it is also harder to compete online against your competitors when someone searches "Real Estate Agents in Your Area."

3 most common places you'll find broken links:

You might think all you need to do is is check your site's main menu. That's where most of the links are and what people use most to get around the site, right? While that might be true when they hit your homepage, once people are actually browsing your site, they use more conveniently placed links (like links in the content or sidebars) much more frequently. 

Here are the most common places broken links crop up: 

  1. 3rd-party versions of your site* (Like IDX search pages, your Blog, or Marketing Landing Pages)
  2. In the text content of your website
  3. The header and footer of your website

*What does this mean exactly? If some of the links on your website go to a URL that isn't yours — if instead the go somewhere like "mybrokeragename.idxsearch.com" or "blogger.com/mybrokerage" these are third party versions of your site. They may have been dressed up to look like they are on your site, but they are actually a completely separate copy and are running on separate files. So when you make updates to your own sites content organization, design or menu, they won't be reflected on these other sites! The third-party sites will still be pretending to be an old version of your site, which can mean LOTS of broken links. Third party web services can be a great way to offer more resources to your customers, quickly, easily and for a great price. Make sure you understand how they work with your own website though, so you can keep them updated accordingly. 

5 ways to easily find, fix and avoid broken links:

  1. Run a link check. 
    This is the big one! Xenu Link Sleuth is our favorite tool for this — it might look ghetto, but its free and provides the most easy-to-use results to help you track down and fix any broken links on your site. It takes about 30 seconds to get a report, so you have no excuse not to check all the time! Its certainly faster than clicking through every link yourself! However, you will have hitor miss luck trying to find the broken links on your third party sites because a lot of them block "crawlers." That the little piece of code Link Sleuth uses to click through all your links. That leads us to our next recommendation...

  2. Keep your 3rd-party templates to a simpler version of your own site.
    You don't need to totally recreate your menu, dropdowns, header, footer and sidebars for the other version of your site. People just need to feel like they are in the right place when they get to those pages. Leave out the stuff that could change often and just hit the high points. To create the illusion of sameness, really all you need are your colors, your logo and a link to get them back to your homepage!

  3. Use "relative" or "permanent" rather than direct links.
    This kind of link will usually not look "friendly," (i.e. http://www.yourrealestateally.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=8&Itemid=228 instead of www.yourrealestateally.com/blog) but they won't change unless the content is completely deleted. CMS systems likes Joomla and Wordpress have plug-ins to help you make these for your own content. Content providers from other sites will often provide them at the bottom of the article or around where the facebook share and print buttons are. 

  4. Create permanent (301) redirects when you update your site.
    These are great for when you are doing a BIG redeisgn or reorganization. If you delete, rename or move pages of you old site, create 301 redirects to send anyone with that link to an appropriate location on the new site. These redirects also help you keep the search engine scores from your old site. Your web developer can do this, or again, if you are on a CMS system, there are free handy plug-ins to make it easy for you to set-up.

  5. Avoid linking to content on someone else's site.
    This one is pretty hard to avoid, but good to keep in mind. Like third-party versions of your site, any links you have to PDFs or content on someone else's site are usually the first ones to break. You just never know when the original site will change or delete it! Instead, especially with PDFs, you can often download the content and upload it to your own site. Now the only person that can move it is you. Don't forget to credit them for their work though!

We all know web has become the most important factor in the home search process. When people click on a broken link, getting sent to that 404 page is the web surfing equivalent of hitting a brick wall. Don't miss out on that million dollar listing call because your website wasn't up to par!

Brittany is a founder of Real Estate Ally. She has a hands-on background working in the real estate field that has allowed her to bring to the company a pragmatic view of the real needs of agents and brokers. Real Estate Ally’s mission is to empower Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Owners to take better control of their businesses and manage for improved results through a unified and convenient cloud-based business intelligence solution. Learn more about how Real Estate Ally can revolutionize your business here!

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Drones in Real Estate?

It's a bird..it's a plane..no it's a drone! With the recent buzz over Amazon's announcement to start using drones for deliveries in 4-5 years (despite the current FAA ban for commercial use) we wanted to take a look at what this technology means for real estate in 2014.

Look Ma, No Hands!

The views and images that can be captured using drones are nothing short of amazing. Aerial footage and imagery has been around for years, but drones allow for much more intimate and in-depth views of properties. The Wydler Brothers, a brokerage in the Washington D.C. area, used a drone to create an elegant 'neighborhood walk-through' of Westmoreland Hills in Bethesda, Maryland.

Source:Wydler Brothers Realty
Here's another great example of the amazing vistas captured by drones out of Prudential California Realty:

Not for the Average Joe

While there are plenty of affordable models that the average consumer could use, available on Amazon.com for anywhere from $100-$600, they won't produce as great of a result as you see above. For high-quality imagery you're better off hiring a professional who uses more sophisticated equipment. But be careful - with the FAA ban on commercial use, some photographers have been warned with a cease-and-desist.

What's in Store?

The Federal Aviation Administration plans to announce proposed rules for small drones later this year. According to SFGate.com, there still remains the question whether the FAA has jurisdiction over private drones that operate under 400 feet. While the FAA has until September 2015 to finalize the rules for the commercial use, they are behind schedule on their plans. We anxiously await their announcement and how drones will change real estate in 2014.

Cristina is a Marketing intern for the Real Estate Ally team. Real Estate Ally’s mission is to empower Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Owners to take better control of their businesses and manage for improved results through a unified and convenient cloud-based business intelligence solution. Learn more about how Real Estate Ally can revolutionize your business here!

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