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Real estate can be a cut-throat industry where each house becomes the next war zone for competing buyers, and realtors are working round the clock to get that signature on the dotted line. As technology continues to merge with the housing market, this fierce competition is only growing. With mobile apps and fan pages making it easier for competition to engage their users, focusing on areas that might be lagging behind the wagon has become more relevant than ever before.

Real Estate Ally offers an easy and engaging method of focusing on what matters within your company. Not only can you create those important reports to share with your supervisors, but you can also monitor your daily numbers to know where your branch is thriving and where you need to focus you attention.

simple-user-experienceGraphs of your most important company aspects connect directly to your MLS feed and are updated every 2 hours to give you real time data. Stay on top of where your branch stands with community trends, local competitors, and national averages for DOM, Closing Sales, Types of Homes Sold, and even track your company goals throughout the year!

Not only can Real Estate Ally give you the data you need in the moment, it also monitors how your team is working individually. Real Estate Ally allows you to monitor your realtor progress in closing the deals, what types of homes they sell best, and how many deals they’ve closed. Knowing which realtor does well in sales, proposal write ups, and open homes can give you the insights on motivating them towards closing more deals in a shorter time. Wouldn't it be great if you knew where to focus your team’s attention before it was too late?business-analytics 


Real Estate Ally offers insightful graphs, charts, and downloadable reports to bring you the greatest knowledge of how your business is functioning in the moment and where you attention needs to be in order to get that exponential growth you’re fighting for. Beat your competitors from the inside our with Real Estate Ally’s state of the art technology.



A successful victory is won with a successful team.

Inaman Real Estate Connect

What better way to start the New Year than with our real estate friends at the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference in New York City!

Real Estate Ally is attending Inman Real Estate Conference with our own booth! We will be located in Startup Alley and are looking forward to seeing you there. Stop by to visit our founders, David & Brittany Fristch, and be among the first to hear about Real Estate Ally's plan for 2015!

Schedule your One-on-One Appointment between Jan. 27th - Jan 30th, and we will personally show you how Real Estate Ally can make your brokerages grow with real time business insights in 2015. Hurry, time slots are filling fast! 
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What Your Online Presence can Learn from a Master of Fine Arts

Creativity is Hard

One of my very best friends, Rena Detrixhe, is a painter and sculptor. She makes huge, gorgeous works out of tiny, beautiful, everyday things.

Which I think is a pretty good metaphor for blogging. 

Rena working on Come Look Listen

This is her working on one of her pieces entitled "Heirlooms" which has functioned as a platform for public conversation about the relationship between art and environment. For this body of work she made tapestries, tablecloths and rugs out of natural objects like seeds and leaves that she found on her way to school and work everyday.

As a real estate agent, that would be the ideal situation for your blogging right? Imagine:

"You are out an about in the community - taking the kids to school, showing houses, volunteering. Then, at the end of the day you take your experiences and effortless turn them into a meaningful blog post. Viola!"

Why is it never this easy?

If you have ever seen an artist work, they make it seem effortless. They are able to create beautiful works that make a serious statement, and they make it look as natural as breathing. Trust me though, that is not the case.

Being creative is hard. Real hard. And being creative on a consistent basis? That's like crossfit for your soul. But artists know this and have a secret to rise to this challenge. 

Go Be in Your Studio

If you aren't in your studio, interacting with your medium, you will never make art. One of Rena's professor gave her this advice when she was getting ready to graduate. She told her that she needed to take two hours everyday to just go be in her studio, because if she didn't make time for herself to be creative, life would just get in the way and always distract her from being an artist. Rena told me this story just in passing, and its always really stuck with me. 

Checking off to-do lists, organizing contracts, and solving customer problems are all really important activities that an agent does, but none of them are really requiring your creativity. Creativity is like a muscle. You have to work it and build it up in order to do big things with it.

So, if you are serious about making blogging a core piece of your marketing efforts, you have to make time to go be in your studio!

How to Give Your Creativity a Workout

Just like going to the regular gym, you need to set aside time to work your creativity on a regular basis so it doesn't wither.

First, block out a 2 hour time period you can commit to every week. 

Then, During that time:

  • Go to your office
  • Close the door
  • Shut the blinds
  • Silence your phone
  • Close all your internet browsers and programs

Finally, open your blogging program and write. Don't stop until you have a post and are ready to hit the publish button, OR your 2 hours are up. 

Don't go get another cup of coffee. Don't check Facebook. Don't pass Go or Collect $200. 

Just write a blog post. 

Can't think of anything to write about? No excuse! Here's 300 ideas from real estate knowledgebase ActiveRain

Think your posts aren't as good as Inman News? Who cares!? This is supposed to be practice. You'll get better.

Have you spent 2 months doing this and still don't have a completed draft? Ok, that is frustrating. Try focusing your posts with these 3 handy mind tricks. They really made a difference for me!

Make it Look Easy

Like any diet or exercise routine, sure, you can keep this up for a few months, but are you expected to do this forever? Of course not. 

Remember that ideal world, where you could effortlessly take your daily experiences and turn them into meaningful blog posts? That's still the goal!

You won't always have to lock yourself away from the world in order to get a post done. Eventually your creative muscle will be strong enough that the process will come more naturally. You will sit down to write a post when inspiration strikes you, because it will be just as easy as answering that text or checking your email. It will be just as much a part of your habitual process. 

But hey, the life of a real estate agent can get crazy! There will probably be a time when you find you've stopped blogging regularly or its getting harder to get your creative side in gear to finish a post. It happens! 

Don't give in to the chaos and instead take some time to go be in your studio!


About the Artist

Rena Detrixhe is an Artist in Residence with the Charlotte Street Foundation's Urban Culture Project. She lives in Kansas City, KS. To see more of Rena's work, visit her at

'Tis the Season of Christmas

It’s the Christmas Season!candycane

The excitement of new toys, the chill of cold weather, the smell of peppermint in almost every store, and who can forget all those Christmas songs playing round the clock?

This time of year is, indeed, full of joy and laughter and children waiting in line to put in a word with Big Red. For the parents however, it’s another season of internal struggles. If you’re anything like the Average Joe, you’ve enjoyed the Christmas season, but are always vibrantly conscious of your pocket book. How can we afford to get our kids those ‘perfect gifts’ and still make the mortgage this month?

ornamentIn a perfect world, we’d be able to afford everything for our friends and family and still make the bills! But, this is reality. And although it’s covered in cheer and charity this time of year, a budget is wise and helpful to get through the holidays without having to take a loan out in 2015.  So here are some helpful tips to help you get that special someone that perfect gift and still have money to spare!

red ballStick to what You Set

Set a budget before you even get to the store. And set a reasonable budget. People get caught up in the holiday season of giving (nothing to be ashamed of), but don’t let this ‘give, give, give’ mentality give away all your bill money. Set a budget that allows you to pay your bills without pulling from your emergency savings. Once you’ve set your budget, use cash. $$$ Think of your credit card as a gateway- it only leads to more (unnecessary) spending.

red ballLook Twice, Buy Once

Yes, many will see that “buy 1 get 3” sign this time of year, but before you jump to on the Best Deal of the Year, do some investigation. Online shopping has never been this easy and you’ve most likely got a smart phone handy to see if this “deal” is truly a steal, or a break in the bank.

red ballCrafty Talents

With so many easy DIY crafts floating around, creating a gift may be a cheaper and more meaningful gift. If you’re an artist, create a personal piece of art for you mom and dad. Woodworker, something simple like a cutting board or a pen is always a useful tool. No skill? There are a million crafts the non-crafty can accomplish. Grab a mason jar and layer it with the ingredients to your favorite holiday treat! Get some paper and create snowflakes (a lot of them) and make a Christmas Bouquet! Pintrest is a great place to get ideas.

So, even if you’re searching for that new home or refinancing your old glory, you can still stay within budget and enjoy this holiday season!

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!





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